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Since 2018 I have been publishing texts and videos on spiritual topics for free. Over the years I have received a lot of feedback from people who draw strength from it and receive valuable impulses for the way they live. Again and again I am asked how one could show one's appreciation. Now there is the possibility to support my work with a one-time donation or a monthly subscription according to your possibilities. Everything you give flows back into the spiritual work and helps to keep the message going into the world.

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I was born in Salzburg Austria in 1970 and grew up in a middle-class home where education was a top priority. Science, art and culture were central components of family life. In my free time I enjoyed playing chess, piano and tennis. After graduating from high school with “excellent results”, I studied physics at Harvard University in the USA. Fascinated by space, I was aiming for a career in the aerospace industry, but then something happened that thwarted my plans.

Two classmates and I decided to take a trip to New York. It was our first visit there and we really wanted to see the city from above. To do this, we had to go to the roof of a skyscraper. After a long elevator odyssey, we were finally standing 246 meters above Park Avenue on the Pan Am Building. A feeling of excitement and fascination filled us. The view was breathtaking and the sight of the New York skyline from above was speechless. We had never seen anything like it before in our young lives. My attention was drawn to a neighboring skyscraper that seemed close enough to touch. Its top was covered with chrome so that it looked like a gigantic mirror in which the deep afternoon sun was reflected.

This light, shining in all variations of gold, yellow and orange, magically cast a spell on me. I was hypnotized and couldn’t help but stare into that light. Suddenly my perception changed. I lost track of time and couldn’t feel my body anymore. My whole being was permeated with this light. It was a comfortably warm feeling carried by love that I had never experienced before. Words are not enough to describe it adequately. I was deeply moved and filled with indescribable joy. In this state I had access to a level of knowledge that left no questions unanswered. I knew that I was more than my body, that life does not end with death, and that there is much more than I could perceive with my physical senses. I felt one with everything that is. Space and time no longer played a role. At the same time I was filled with a heavenly bliss that made tears run down my face. I wish this state would last forever. But soon afterwards I felt how I had to leave him again and was withdrawn into my old self.

After this overwhelming experience, my life was no longer the same as before. I had been brought up scientifically and had thought that everything was measurable and explainable, but this experience made it clear to me that behind the sensually perceptible reality there was a much larger, supernatural reality. I had to get to the bottom of the matter, no matter what the cost, because I really wanted to experience this state again. However, the wish alone was not enough. It felt like there was an impenetrable wall between me and this bliss. I also really wanted to find out what this experience was all about. That was the beginning of a long search.

Chrysler Building

Physics was a great help to me. Quantum physics in particular helped me break up my materialistic worldview. I dealt with the great physicists of the twentieth century, Nils Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Max Planck and Albert Einstein. They had penetrated into the deepest secrets of matter and had discovered that it was ultimately nothing more than a form of energy. Einstein’s famous formula E = mc² was the clear proof of this. The great German physicist Hans-Peter Dürr put it in a nutshell: There is no matter!

It was clear to me: the energy that I had experienced was the same that was hidden behind all material and non-material appearances. The world outside was not separate from the world inside me. I knew everything was related, but how exactly? After looking through matter with the help of quantum physics, I turned to the real secret of life: consciousness. Like many physicists before me, I came to mysticism through quantum physics. I immersed myself in the great spiritual traditions of human history, especially Buddhism, Vedanta and Christian mysticism. I established a consistent, regular meditation practice that should prove to be the best tool for gaining spiritual knowledge.

During this revolutionary phase of life I studied sociology, philosophy and political science at the University of Salzburg. I spent the free time in spiritual centers, monasteries and in intensive exchange with recognized spiritual authorities. After completing my university studies, I completed an apprenticeship as a reincarnation therapist with Mathias Wendel in Munich, who had a diploma in physics from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Then I worked as a self-employed reincarnation therapist.

Albert Einstein

Working with clients deepened my knowledge of the human soul. There was great interest in this knowledge, so I published it on a website from 2007 onwards. To my surprise, it was very well received within a very short time. Soon after, I was invited to radio broadcasts as an interview guest and finally I got the offer to do a weekly broadcast myself. “Radio Dimensions Jump” was born. That really got things rolling. A network of inspiring personalities was created.

The topic of light nutrition was dealt with in one broadcast. It was about a man who lived without food for several weeks. On this program a lady answered who said that she knew that life of light was definitely possible because she had been living without food for three and a half years. I asked her if she would be ready for an interview and that’s how I met Gaby Teroerde in 2009. It quickly became clear that we were not brought together by chance, but that we were destined to work together. The GeistigeWelt.TV website was launched. In the next few years a long series of lectures and seminars followed to support people in their spiritual development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Through insights from working with hundreds of people and the increasingly deepening meditation experience, it became very clear to me why we humans are here on this earth for a few decades: Life is a unique opportunity to develop higher on the soul level and one day in to return to our true home, where there is no more suffering, no disease, no want and no more death. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware of this great opportunity. They live far below their potential and waste their valuable life with worries and problems that distract them from the essentials. Because it was painful to watch, the desire grew in me to support people in awakening their dormant potential.

Siegfried Trebuch und Gaby Teroerde

After many years of personal development, I now know one thing very well: the perfection of the soul is possible. Enlightenment is not just a privilege of a few saints. Anyone can reach it and, in fact, it is our destiny. Initiates of all times knew this, but unfortunately the knowledge about it is no longer taught in all clarity today. It is important to me to revive this old and still valid wisdom tradition and so I wrote the book The short path into the light. It contains briefly and concisely the basic theory and the most important tools to promote personal development.

On my YouTube channel Perfection of the Soul I publish impulses for deepening personal spirituality. All too often I have seen people understand from the head what it is about and are ready to go the way, but then distractions and obligations of life come in between and the delicate plant of spirituality withers. That is why it is so helpful to be reminded of the essentials in life again and again.

But theory alone is not enough. Sometimes, despite all the wisdom and all the knowledge you have read, you get to a point where you don’t know what to do next. I myself have often stood at such a point when I was young and would have wished there had been someone I could ask. Instead of reliable and trustworthy competence, however, I kept coming across only religious dogmas or esoteric fantasies. But I was only interested in the pure, eternally valid essence of knowledge, which, like a common denominator, underlies all religions, philosophies and also scientific knowledge. Today I am very grateful to have found what I was looking for for so long.

I consider my awakening experience and the many years of training a great gift. It brought me clarity about my path in life, inner peace and deep fulfillment. This gift is not for me alone. I can now be the companion for others that I wished for myself at the beginning of my path. It fulfills me very much to pass on this valuable knowledge, paired with concrete experience, to others, so that it is easier for them to find the way out of the jungle of the earthly world and to reach their goal faster.

So today I am available as a spiritual coach for those who have this thirst for true knowledge and the longing for spiritual development. The truth is already within each of us. It’s just about bringing them back to light.

Siegfried Trebuch
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